Mistress Clarissa

Our seventh pro-Domme interview features Mistress Clarissa of London.

How did you become a Dominatrix?

I’m not sure if one becomes a Dominatrix or if it is somehow innate to one’s personality or sexuality. I always had a strong sense of myself. I was always confident in myself, in my abilities and judgment. I realised early on that the traditional female role offered to me did not appeal to me. I valued my autonomy and independence.

I looked to history and other cultures for powerful women. I looked for Queens and Priestesses as role models and to Goddesses for inspiration and guidance. I had no intention of being passive, of being objectified and compromised, or of being made less of a person as a woman by men and their desire for me. It was clear to me that they should serve and honour me as a woman, and so honour themselves.

I realised early on that power exchange was an unavoidable reality, and for personal and political reasons I was never going to be the one to submit. I believe everyone is happier and better served when women are in control, this is not limited to having good sex, it extends outwards into how resources are shared and distributed. Charities know that if you want to grow a community’s wealth and wellbeing you invest in support and empower the women.

But I digress. My aunt and my great aunt were both Dommes so I suppose
you could say independence, strength, presence and intense female sexuality are family traits. I did my first session at 19, it was a full on beat down and I was intoxicated by the experience. I loved FemDom then and I love it now. It was always at the core of my sexuality.

After years of study and travel and working in the arts I finally became a pro Domme in 2014. I was introduced to Mistress Alexandra and she took me under her wing. As a very experienced and respected Mistress she gave me some very sensible guidelines and grounding before I started out alone as a pro Domme. She also stressed the fact that you can teach techniques, but that being a Dominant comes from within. Which brings me back to my initial response. You simply are a Domme or you aren’t.

Where in the UK are you based?

I’m based in London.

Tell us about your playspace:

I use different spaces for different sessions. I currently use a fully equipped very well resourced dungeon in Paddington. I also use London Dungeon Hire in Bethnal Green and a domestic play space in Islington.

Do you tour other parts of the UK?

Yes I have plans to tour. Manchester, Dublin and Belfast are currently on the list. I will consider travelling to see a submissive if they are prepared to pay for my time.

How would you describe your domination style?

I’m one of the only Mistresses offering erotic hypnosis alongside BDSM in sessions. I love to play in ways that integrate psychological and physical D/S. I approach every individual as unique and seek to establish clear communication and to gather information that helps me to get inside the subs head. I use my perception, experience and skills to tailor the experience, so that it’s powerful for that specific person, so that they and I enjoy ourselves.

I have the experience to encourage novices or challenge experienced slaves. I like to use ritual and Goddess archetypes and mindfulness to focus intent and to anchor the sub in their bodies in the present and to intensify their experience of submission. I like to use verbal and physical hypnotic techniques to shape the subs experience. These are sometimes subtle and stealthy, so that on reflection being with me might feel like being bewitched or enthralled and seduced.

I’m also capable of being extremely physical and direct. I enjoy physically overwhelming my toys as well as psychologically overwhelming them. I love power exchange, real submission, the kind that requires trust and mutual regard from both parties. For this reason I prefer longer term arrangements that allow time for trust to be established and allow me time to train my slave to my specifications.

I am a sadist within safe and agreed boundaries. I’m turned on by my subs suffering for me, by their pain and fear, by their humiliation and by their desire to please me and by their need to be what I want them to be. I’m also a tease and I love to seduce my toys into wanting to go further for me. I’m passionate and intense but I’m also warm and I laugh a lot. Sessions should be mutually enjoyable, kink should be fun and sexy and fulfilling.

I also love being served by those closest to me. I value their devotion suffering and service and understand that their submission to me is the most beautiful gift they could ever give me. My collared slaves are dear to me and I care for them deeply. I believe it takes real emotional, physical, psychological strength and courage to truly submit and I meet that courage with care and tenderness.

What are your personal favourite activities?

I love hypnosis. I love the way that I can take someone into trance just by speaking to them, by lulling them with my soft voice, and that this puts them in a very open and honest place in themselves, very much like subspace, where it’s easy for me to speak to their submissive core and to explore with them without anxiety or their self protective ego getting in the way. I love finding out what their true desires are, what holds their submission back, how they feel when they submit.

It’s wonderful to see how much of a relief it is for my toys to be so submissive, passive and vulnerable and to know that they’re safe to be so open with me. I love being able to take people into subspace without even touching them so that by the time contact is made the experience is so much more intense.

I also love planting triggers and post hypnotic suggestions so that my subjects can feel my control and experience waves of submission in an ongoing way. The potential that hypnosis offers for behavior modification, for shaping and permanently changing my toys is very sexy.

I love boot worship, and foot worship but I need to feel relaxed to abandon myself to the pleasure because it is so good. I really enjoy Strap-on, feminization, slut training, forced bi, cuckolding, chastity, tease and denial, trampling, caning, whipping, scratching, CBT, NT and humiliation but for me it’s not about the activities it’s about the power exchange. It’s about the invitation made to take control and to completely overwhelm my toy with sensual power. The activities are just how the exchange is manifested. I should say that it’s not role-play for me. I really am Dominant and to enjoy it I require the other party’s submission.

What kind of outfits do you like to wear during a session?

Are you attempting to perv on me? I prefer to be comfortable and dressed for the planned activities so for instance in wet look leggings, or leather shorts and boots with a tread if strap-on is involved. I don’t tend to cater to requests for different outfits unless they are made in an intelligent way. It feels like objectification or topping from the bottom, and that’s tedious at best. I prefer to play with intelligent sensitive people who care about my enjoyment as well as their own.

Do you offer online or phone domination?

I do offer online and phone domination. I’m available for hypnotic, humiliation and domination calls via my NiteFlirt. If subs are looking for Skype sessions, or emails these are also possible and they should fill in the form on my website to apply: https://mistressclarissa.co.uk/booking-form

Do you offer financial domination?

Yes please see my website for details of how to financially serve me. I shouldn’t even have to discuss the details, it should just happen: https://mistressclarissa.co.uk/financial-servitude

You can find details about my wish list here and details of how to tribute me here.

What qualities do you look for in a submissive?

I know it sounds strange but I look for signs of submissiveness. Lots of subs aren’t actually submissive they are fetishists who fetishise being dominated but who aren’t actually interested in the reality. I’m not a service top I’m a Domme. I can facilitate a fetishist but only if I like them and they’re honest about it.

I’m looking for polite and respectful communication that shows an awareness of needing to make a good impression. I expect emails that are addressed to me and written in considered coherent sentences without spelling mistakes. I’m looking for emotional and material acknowledgment from them that they are asking for my time and attention to be considered. I find entitlement repulsive.

I look for honesty, sincerity, reliability, consistency, kindness, and emotional intelligence and I look for responsiveness to my lead as desirable qualities. From that foundation I aim to install a deeper desire for my control, obedience, a greater desire to serve and please me, and an openness to suffer a little for me because it turns me on. I like subs who learn, who evolve, who keep up with me and who are passionate about their submission in the way I am about my domination.

Do you have any particularly memorable or unusual session experiences you would like to share?

I have many sensual, erotic and fond memories of people I have played with. It’s hard to single one out. There are moments I remember where I watched someone watching me watching them because we both knew I’d just taken them to a deeper level of submission, the eye contact, the sounds they made that conveyed suffering and desire and an ocean of submissive longing. One very fond memory is the first time my slave asked me in such a small uncertain voice, but filled with submissive longing for me to hurt her, such a beautiful invitation given, despite her fear. Such a good girl for her Mistress.

Do you sell video clips? If so, where can our readers find them?

I film solo POV and Mistress and slave clips and double Domme clips with my friends who happen to be some of the most beautiful and well respected Dommes. I also film with House of Sinn.

I have a clip store on Clips4Sale. I also produce custom clips. People should email me with their enquiries: info@mistressclarissa.co.uk

I also produce erotic hypnotic audio files with a focus on feminization and slut training which are available through NiteFlirt and through WarpMyMind. Custom erotic hypnotic files are also possible. People should email to enquire.

Are the any other websites you would like to tell us about?

I’ve recently launched my new website www.mistressclarissa.co.uk.

It details all my work across live sessions, serving me, phone calls, Skype, hypnotic audio files, custom hypnotic files, my clip store, and custom files. I’ve also added a blog so that I can share my thoughts with people and a newsletter so that I can stay in touch and share news with all the lovely people who have played with me in person or online.

What’s the best way for potential clients to get in touch with you?

Prospective subs should read my website, get a sense of who I am and why they feel they’d like me to play with them and then apply via the application form.

What are your interests beyond BDSM?

I enjoy contemporary art, going to the theatre or opera. I like reading philosophy and psychology. I enjoy swimming in the sea and walking in the countryside. I’m interested in the occult and ritual. I draw inspiration from Goddesses from diverse cultures that represent different facets of the divine feminine.

Finally, if you had a motto to live by, what would it be?

“Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Some are made of witchcraft and wolf and a little bit of vice.”  ― Nikita Gill