Miss Ria Harpsichord

Next in our series of dominatrix interviews we feature the beautiful Miss Ria Harpsichord of London…

How did you become a Dominatrix?

Having been involved in the fetish scene since I was a teenager, it was a natural progression to offer my services as a dominant woman. I took the leap in 2015 and have been very happy since then.

Where in the UK are you based?

North London and I often travel to Bristol and around the UK. I have more recently been travelling internationally for sessions.

Tell us about your playspace

I play in the Peacock Parlour in North London. It’s a beautifully decorated, feminine and well equipped space that I love.

Do you tour other parts of the UK?

Yes, my favourite place to visit is Bristol but I also enjoy taking trips to Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Brighton.

How would you describe your domination style?

I take a sensual and psychological approach, mindgames and humiliation. I find that domination need not be all about physical pain.

What are your personal favourite activities?

Like every Domina, I love financial domination and humiliation but my style is particularly unique.

What kind of outfits do you like to wear during a session?

I wear classically feminine, elegant outfits. Occasionally there is a need for latex or leather but my preference is to wear whatever I feel most attractive in.

Do you offer online or phone domination?

Yes, both, usually in combination with financial domination.

Do you offer financial domination?

Yes! See above, I am well known for my unique style.

What qualities do you look for in a submissive?

Intelligence, devotion, humility.

Do you have any particularly memorable or unusual session experiences you would like to share?

I treat every session as a private experience between the persons involved.

Do you sell video clips? If so, where can our readers find them?

Yes, I do, you can find them here: https://iwantclips.com/store/206659/MissRia

Are the any other websites you would like to tell us about?

My website is a great resource for everything that is me and my domination style. The blog is worth reading if you are considering meeting me. Missharpsichord.co.uk

What’s the best way for potential clients to get in touch with you?

My website is the ONLY way to get in touch for meetings.

What are your interests beyond BDSM?

I love food, dance, film and music!

Finally, if you had a motto to live by, what would it be?

Those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.