Mistress Juicy Jules

Our interview series takes us to the Lake District today, and Mistress Juicy Jules…

How did you become a Dominatrix?

To be honest I prefer the term Mistress, I always have. Even when I was learning way back when a Dominatrix was the hard core, beat you to a pulp without a relationship except for favoured slaves.

I suppose I have always been what you would call a mind-fuck specialist, someone who could tame, seduce, bewitch and have any boy or man do my bidding for me, from a VERY early age. Even as young as 11 with my paper round I could get the boys to do it, but I still got paid. Once I hit my teens with my huge boobs, big blue eyes, what you would class as ‘nerds’ and ‘science geeks’ became my prey, all hopelessly in love, all vying for attention, with chocolates, CDs, mixtapes, buying my lunch, taking me to the cinema, having them pay, but then I accidentally on purpose run into girlfriends…you don’t mind if they sit with us do you…

As I got older this power was honed by my mentor, She taught me about kink, fetish, how to control a man in other ways. By 25 I had ‘earned’ my leather, I was a fully fledged Mistress. Not like today when girls wake up see a # and decide to jump on a band wagon. 

Where in the UK are you based?

Cumbria – The Lake District.

Tell us about your playspace

Sadly I do not have a playspace anymore, but I feel that real sessions I hold do not require a full on dungeon or chambers. I have ALWAYS preferred meeting in hotels anyway, I like the fact we can have a drink first, and TALK, even though we will have discussed everything before hand, this is just to allay any fears. Plus the alcohol softens the edges.

Anyway the sessions I most commonly offer include paddling, flogging, caning, CBT, CEI, sensory play, mummification, smothering, breathplay, a lot of roleplay (sex therapy, marriage guidance, interrogation, school teacher, head mistress, mother) sissification, boot/shoe/foot worship, domestic roleplay, financial domination, blackmail, sounding, electro-stim, anal play, pegging (must be a loyal client), face/ass bare hand spanking. There is so much more I do. So a suburban lounge works just as well.

Do you tour other parts of the UK?

On occasion.

How would you describe your domination style?

Mostly of mind. I have a very vivid, dark, black twisted imagination, not only do I possess 45 years life experience, but I have come into contact with some very strange fetishes and kinks over the years, which has given a LOT of experience to be able to tease and torture the mind with. Not only that due to some very severe traumatic periods in my life it means I can empathise with subs on a whole different level. 

A sub has to WANT to give you his submission, it cannot be forced. A sub is an individual, he is free, as a Mistress the thing I have to value is that he would kneel and give Me that freedom to control.

With the right hand I will be a subs tormentor, humilator, torturer, I will decide his pleasure or pain, with the left hand I will be his greatest supporter, cheerleader, ally, his one constant in his life. Because that is what a D/s relationship is, it is balance, knowing that you can trust, be wholly honest with one another and loyal.

As an additional note though… in real sessions I WILL happily beat you black and blue with a paddle, stripe a gate into your ass with a cane, force an orgasm from you, make you feel like the lowliest maggot alive, whilst taking every last penny off you without a care. My physical game is still on a par!

What are your personal favourite activities?

Activities suggests real time sessions, so I would say I enjoy roleplay sessions, for example head teacher and errant pupil, or sex therapist and patient, mainly because these sessions are a wonderful mixture of both physical punishment, torment as well as mental torture.

What kind of outfits do you like to wear during a session?

Depends on the session booked.

Do you offer online or phone domination?

Of course, daily/nightly.

Do you offer financial domination?

My entire life I have been doing so, and will continue until my last…

What qualities do you look for in a submissive?

  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Clear answers to questions asked
  • Politeness
  • Employed, not a quality, but essential

Do you have any particularly memorable or unusual session experiences you would like to share?

Too many. 

But I will give you the bizarrest request I was ever asked. I had a sub who I was very fond of (he has since passed). At Christmas, if they have been ‘good boys’, they are allowed to ask for one Christmas wish. These are usually sent to them as a video clip on Christmas Eve. Over the years some have asked for the obvious: a boob flash, certain pair of shoes/boots, oiling my feet, but this was by far the most memorable… he wanted to watch me peel and cut 3 carrots…

There was never any explanation, no whys or wherefore. All I can say is he was he sent me a £500 Christmas ‘bonus gift’ as a thank you!!

Do you sell video clips? If so, where can our readers find them?

Video clips tend to be more custom made, you can find some on Adultwork and OnlyFans.

Are the any other websites you would like to tell us about?

What’s the best way for potential clients to get in touch with you?

To be honest, Twitter probably, I have my phone with me 24/7. Although don’t forget if I do NOT follow you your message goes to requests. You can join Adultwork for free, and email me for free. I get those notifications straight to my phone too. The new FINmessage app is fun too.

What are your interests beyond BDSM?

Honestly beyond BDSM I have been married 27 years, my OH knows exactly what I do, we talk about EVERYTHING, we have NEVER had secrets. We have our own personal fetishes & kinks aside from my Mistress side. I have 2 girls. I love my cat, I love to read, I especially love creative writing especially erotica, I have written several custom pieces. I fucking love Whitesnake, rock music, but I also love musical theatre and classical too!!

Finally, if you had a motto to live by, what would it be?

Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back… they are behind you for a reason.

Life experience is worth more to a blind man than the prettiest picture… copyright that one, lol.