Mistress Lola Ruin

We’ve reached number 10 in our dominatrix interview series and this time it’s our first Manchester Mistress, Lola Ruin…

How did you become a Dominatrix?

I’ve always been inherently kinky, but I didn’t really have a partner to explore it with until I was 21. I met a man who was incredibly submissive, and he introduced me to all kinds of play. He continued to be a wonderful guinea pig for me as I honed my skills as a Domme for the first time.

A year into our relationship whilst working a terrible, minimum wage call centre job, I sent a little email off to a local Dungeon I knew which took on trainees. 3 months later they hired me, and 6 months after that it was my full time career!

Where in the UK are you based?

I have my own personal playspace in east Manchester, however I also hold sessions in central London every 6 weeks or so.

Tell us about your playspace

Having my own personal playspace is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself, and getting it set up and ready for my slaves was a real labour of love.

It’s filled with traditional, heavy duty black furniture, but then peppered with adjustable coloured lights, meaning I can completely change the scene and atmosphere for every session. I have framed artwork by the incredible Carolyn Weltman plastered all over the walls (something I’ve always felt lacking in previous playspaces), and of course a couple of Sardax portraits.

It’s full with all the usual toys such as whips, gags, canes, paddles, electrics and so on, plus some more ‘interesting’ equipment. My favourite toys currently are 2 different milking machines (a Venus 2000 and a Tremblr), a fucking machine… not to mention I’ve just invested in a latex vac bed, and I have an incredible smother box on order!

It’s important to me to keep reinvesting in my space, so that I can offer my slaves the most personalised and mind blowing experiences.

Do you tour other parts of the UK?

Yes, I tour to London once every 6 weeks or so. I am also planning a tour to Manhattan, New York in the summer.

How would you describe your domination style?

I am a sensual Dominant. It by far feels the most natural to me to seduce my slaves into submission. I like to be playful and teasing with my submissives, encouraging them to submit rather than forcing them through punishment. I rarely shout or swear, I prefer to whisper, torment and tease… I like my sessions to be charged with intimacy and connection, even though we’re not exploring the usual ‘vanilla’ kind of intimacy. And most of all I like to have fun! Rarely do I have a session where I don’t laugh with my submissives.

What are your personal favourite activities?

Orgasm control is by far my favourite activity to explore with my submissives, which thankfully lends itself to all different kinds of play… chastity, tease and denial, tie and tease, edging and of course ruined orgasm!

What kind of outfits do you like to wear during a session?

I love playing dress up so, unlike many Dommes, I actually allow outfit requests for my sessions. I have an extensive latex and lingerie collection, and have recently been investing in more revealing lace/mesh bodystockings. Latex is probably my favourite outfit to wear, I love the feeling of a second rubber skin encasing me.

Do you offer online or phone domination?

I used to, however between running my own playspace and filming I simply don’t have time to dedicate to online slaves anymore. I do however offer slave training on my OnlyFans, so I’d suggest heading there if you want to serve me from afar.

Do you offer financial domination?

Every now and again I get a financial sub, and I won’t turn down the opportunity to be spoiled, but it isn’t a fetish I am particularly knowledgeable about, specialise in or request.

What qualities do you look for in a submissive?

Obedience, respectfulness, ability to follow instructions promptly, selflessness, and most importantly, someone who is fun to play with!

Do you have any particularly memorable or unusual session experiences you would like to share?

I’ve done all kinds of sessions over the years. My most memorable was when I first became a Domme, with a submissive who came in and wanted to recreate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He even brought his own crown of thrones and I had plenty of fun whipping him as he dragged the dungeon cross around…

Do you sell video clips? If so, where can our readers find them?

I have clip stores on OnlyFans, Clips4Sale and iWantClips.

Are the any other websites you would like to tell us about?

My official website is LolaRuin.com, and of course it would be remiss of me to not let you know about my social media accounts, which I update on a daily basis…

What’s the best way for potential clients to get in touch with you?

The only way for prospective slaves to get in touch is by applying through my official website.

What are your interests beyond BDSM?

Outside of BDSM, I love volunteering, doing yoga and meditating. I’m a podcast junkie and an animal lover, so quite often I spend a lot of my downtime having cuddles with my dog and listing to old episodes of RadioLab. I am not particularly materialistic, so I tend to spend my money on travelling to far flung countries, going to the orchestra or heading to a disco rave with my nearest and dearest.

Finally, if you had a motto to live by, what would it be?

Cultivate compassion for others and for yourself… try to find the perfect balance between loving yourself as you are, and striving to be better.